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2010-2012 CAMARO V8 1000HP Direct Bolt-In Axles

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Quick Overview

That's right, the all new 1000HP axles for the 5th Camaros are in Stock and ready to ship!

- New Anti-Wheel hop design with re-engineered thick bar
- 108mm CV's on both ends for longer life
- 300M center bars (from material out of Sweden)
- Rated at 1000hp
- Special grease use in conjunction with harder internal designed especially for the Camaro's unique axle angle.
- Coated housings and powder coated bars for superior corrosion protection
- 1 year warranty
- Great for daily driven and road coarse/circuit cars

2010-2012 CAMARO V8 1000HP Direct Bolt-In Axles

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OK, We have done all the calculations and testing, and now its time to to send the new X4 design axles out and show how well they work. The axles took a bit longer to make, but we are certain that the outcome was worth the wait. We had realized that allot of people were buying the 1400Hp axles that are unbelievable in strength but not exactly designed for a daily driver. This newly designed axle is being made with the stronger than ever 300 material from Sweden, which has proven to be by far the strongest material we have worked with to date. Even though these axles are using the smaller 28 spline, they were designed with better strength in mind. First was we had the material Ground to the exact size we wanted and rolled the spline onto it. Rolled splines are 35% stronger than traditional cut style splines. Next is when thing got a little tricky. We wanted to go back to the Anti-Wheel hop design, however, we knew that the thicker bar would break. We wanted to take the time to figure out how to get an axle with more torsional resistance than a straight bar, but not to the point that it caused an issue. After a lot of work and testing, we came up with this new design. The larger dimeter bar will not twist as much as a straight bar, but with the ends machined so far back, it allows the stress to extend over a larger area, preventing the bar from breaking. A set of ends was also installed on a lowered car. This was done to determine not only where the axles should ride at stock height, but also when the car is lowered One of the reasons that these cars have axle issues is the fact that the axle, at stock ride height, leaves the Differential and heads up to the wheel at an angle. As you can imagine, when a car is lowered the angle becomes greater, and makes the CV work alot harder. DSS uses the 108mm CV on quite a few platforms. They're in numerous incredibly fast Vette's, GTO's, SRT8's, Supras, and quite a few other cars that simply don't have angle issues, like the Camaro. The same ones are even used in all the Drift Car Axles made for most of the Pro teams, but this Camaro has posed a challenge with the joint being on such an angle. Mock up axles were used to ensure correct fitment and CV alignment. This set differs from the 1400hp axle in that the outer will go back to a bolt on style, but revisions have been made to move the head of the CV back to the wheel side for better clearance of the bolts and the Boot. So there we have the completed product with new design outer mounting, Ends are E-coateded and the center of the axle Powder coated in our in house system the CV will not have a stronger or harder inner race but also have the Chromoly cage adding extra strength to the system. We have re-developed the Anti-Wheel hop design to be able to ensure the axles will help with the issue but also be torque friendly for cars that will properly punish them. if you have any questions please fell free to call and ask at (980) 521-0722.

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