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I61-2 High Performance Speaker System

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Quick Overview

Kit Includes:
• Two Imagine I6 (6.5” / 165mm) midbass speakers with integrated tweeter crossover;
• Two Imagine I1 (1” / 25mm) tweeter speakers pre-installed in coaxial mode;
• Two midbass grilles with anodized aluminum Hybrid Audio Technologies nameplates and ABS grille mounting flanges;
• Nine small packages located underneath the midbass drivers, which contain parts for use
as a component system:
• Two tweeter surface-mount cups;
• Two tweeter flush-mount cups;
• Two tweeter angle-mount cups;
• Tweeter and midbass mounting hardware including two silver plain steel tweeter retainer clips (attaches to the back side of the flush-mount tweeter cup to keep the

I61-2 High Performance Speaker System

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Welcome to the world of Hybrid Audio Technologies, where high-end mobile audio loudspeaker development is our passion! Hybrid Audio Technologies designed the Imagine-series to be used predominantly as a coaxial, as we can effectively mitigate anticipated environmental conditions and reduce the number of variables in this type of installation. When used as a coaxial, the relative amplitudes (volumes) of the midbass and tweeter are equalized to each other and the speaker will perform as intended. Imagine System Specifications: -Frequency Response - 50 Hz – 22,000 Hz, ± 3 dB: Typically, in-car response including vehicular “cabin gain”, or the gain expected with midbass installed in the vehicle, will result in an extended midbass and upper subbass response. This is a result of these frequencies being below the lowest resonance in the vehicle (typically around 50-125 Hz in most vehicles, described in more detail on page 17). In more practical terms, install the Imagine midbass into your vehicle and you will see a dramatic improvement in midbass and upper subbass output, much more so than just simply listening to the Imagine in a large room, or worse yet, “free air” (we don’t recommend even trying the Imagine speakers in “free air” without some form of enclosure or infinite baffle for the midbass). -Efficiency at 2.83 volts / 1 meter - 94.5 dB -Continuous Power Handling (RMS) - 100 watts (musical input) -Peak Power Handling - 230 watts (musical input) -Recommended Power Range - 20 – 150 watts (musical input) -Nominal Impedance - 4 ohms -Thiele/Small Parameter Discussion for Imagine Midbass Speakers: The mechanical and electrical parameters of the Imagine I6 midbass are amenable to a variety of different installations and speaker locations. The high Qms (Q factor of mechanical system) and Qts (Q factor of total system), coupled with the driver’s Fs (resonance frequency) allow it to be used in an “infinite baffle” configuration. In more practical terms, install the Imagine midbass such that the front and back waves don’t “meet”, including in a door or kick panel (using only the airspace behind the speaker as a pseudo enclosure), with no need for a real enclosure or “box.” The design goes hand in hand with fool-proof, high-end sound quality with minimal work. For more advanced users, please reference the Thiele/Small Parameters, listed in the product description. Note also the mounting diameter and depth for the I6 midbass.

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