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Customer Testimonials



- Cant say enough about Thomas and His superior performance products! Just finished the street slayer clutch install, and all I can say is DAMN! This clutch is night and day far better than the stocker our cars come with! Hes been as has always and has had great care for his customers and has alway been available to answer any questions! Thanks again Thomas!

- I've had the lvlII monster and the Street Slayer in a GTO. There is no contest, Street Slayer wins this comparison hands down! After owning the Hendricks unit I would never buy anything else.... Except, his twin, of course!

- I've driven a GTO with the Monster Level 3, and it was pretty good, but is no where near as good feeling as my SS Twin. It's so smooth and easy in normal driving, you'd think that it wouldn't be able to handle all the power I'm making. However, when I hit it hard and flat shift through the gears there is no doubt I got the best clutch in my car! I can hit it as hard as I like and it never fades, and the pedal never goes mushy on me. 

-The Monster felt strong as well, but it was more of a "grab 'n' go" clutch, which would be fine for racing, but it was not as smooth for daily driving IMO.

Just received the new Power Chamber from Thomas aka Hendrix-Engineering. First impressions, WOW. The outside surface is extremely smooth and well formed. The interior is surprising smooth, no not as smooth as the exterior but darn close. Very well formed.

I got a call back on a Sunday in like 20 minutes, but I left a message. Awesome customer service.

- I am very impressed with his professionalism


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